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How to Transfer Contacts From Android Phone to iPhone

With new iPhone customers coming from different operating systems like Android, many people have to migrate their contacts from Android to iOS, but are afraid that they will lose their existing contacts. Here we are explaining how to move contacts from iPhone to Android, and we have compiled here 3 different ways you can use to quickly move your contacts from any Android devices to the iPhone.

Method #1: Transfer Android contacts to iPhone through .vcf file

  • Go to contact in android phone and export your address book as .vcf file to SD Card in the android device
  • Connect your phone to your computer and copy the .vcf file on it
  • Create a e-mail and send the e-mail with .vcf file as attachment to the address that it is configured on your iPhone device 
  • Go to your iPhone and look for that e-mail, open the .vcf attachment and upload the contact to your address book
Method #2: Transfer Android contacts to iPhone through the SIM Card

  • Launch the Contacts app in android device Click on the menu icon (three dots on the top right hand corner) 
  • Choose Import/export 
  • Select Import from SIM card 
  • Remove your Android SIM card and insert it to the iPhone. 
  • Once the SIM card is inserted: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars Choose Import SIM Contacts Wait a few minutes, depending on how large your contacts are. It usually takes less than a few seconds to do so. 
  • After this, go to the stock Phone app and hover to the Contacts tab to see the result.
Method #3: Transfer contacts, photos, music, and apps from Android to iOS

Apple recently released their very first application called Move to iOS on the Google Play store and of course, it’s for those Android users that want to migrate their data, including contacts, photos, messages, applications, and other files to iOS. This happens right after the company rolled out their new iOS 9 and newer models of the iPhone and the iPad, which made it easier Android users to switch.

  • Open up your Google Play Store and Search for Move to iOS app and install it 
  • Launch the application and enter the private Wi-Fi Network credentials
  • On your Android phone, select the type of data your wish to transfer over (Music, Photos, Contacts, etc) 
  • When done, you should see a screen that says, “Transfer Complete. Your data has been copied to your new iPhone or iPad.”

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